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Your First Dance Together as a Married Couple is Truly Special

Pivot Dance School builds routines uniquely created for you. We listen to what you want and provide you a private, supportive and fun environment to learn. Two left feet? No dance experience? No worries! We have the expertise to help you feel and look great!

The first lesson we’ll assess your level, gather information about the venue’s layout, your expectations, discuss choreography options and any requests you have for your routine. We’ll also teach you some photographic tricks/dips to practice so you can wow your guests!Then we design the choreography based on the information provided and cut or combine any required music ready for lesson two. If couples, want to upgrade or add further lessons to their package, we can adjust the package prices.

When completed, we will be onsite exclusively at the time of your dance to provide you with moral support on your wedding day (Schedule permitting)! We look forward to working with you!

Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga
Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


Want to have amazing, fun memories with your bridal party and parents? What to entertain your guests? This is the package for you!

Learning to dance together, exposing unknown talents and laughing together will create lifelong memories! Everything is choreographed and taught in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

5 x Two hour bride & groom lessons

5 x One hour father & daugher lessons

2 x One 1/2 hour group/bridal party dance package

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Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


A custom designed choreography, from the entrance to the bow, which captures the essence of the couple. Great for couples who enjoy structure

and want to learn how to dance together.

We’ll include some elegant tricks and dips that will have the crowd cheering. By the end of the 10 hours you’ll be confident and comfortable to show your talents to your guests on your wedding night.

10 x One hour bride & groom lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


For couples who want a simple, relaxed, fun wedding dance with some amazing photographic moments. In total, there will be only 5 hours of

coaching so I encourage couples to practice at home between lessons. Some couples work best if they have the entire routine mapped out, while others enjoy learning the basics of a dance style. We’ll figure out what works best for you and help you achieve a beautiful 1st dance.

5 x One hour bride & groom lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


Spend valuable time with the women or man who raised you, laugh together and create memories.

Father and Daughter Package

Want to waltz with your Dad or do the funky chicken with a twist of hip hop?

Whatever uniquely captures your relationship, we’ll make it happen. Spend some time with your Dad learning a dance you can call your own, laughing and creating history.

Mother and Daughter Package

Who said a mother can’t dance with her daughter on her special day? Not us! Let us create a fun, entertaining, memorial duo dance. Spend valuable time with the women who raised you, laugh together and create memories.

5 x One hour dance lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


Bachelorette Party or Choreography for wedding!

Flashmobs and Bridal Party Choreography consists of:

3hrs of lessons

Choreography designed to your

favorite song/s (up to 3 songs)

Price: $450 for up to 6 people and $25 per additional person.

Bachelorette Party consist of:

1.15 minutes: Choreography coaching

15 minutes: Performance time to film your special occasion.

Price: $25 per person (minimum 10 people or $250 payment)

Fun Choreography for any situation

Bridal Parties

Bachelorette Parties

10 x One hour bride & groom lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons Mississauga


“Help! I’ve left it to the last minute”

If this is you, then the emergency package is here to save you! We teach you a handful of moves that you can use with a couple of tricks/dips to squeeze in those photographic moments.

2 x One hour dance lessons

1 x Two hour dance lessons