How To Pick Your Salsa Shoes in 123,567 Steps

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Arghhh my feet are hurting!  I have to call it a night”…… Noooooooo!  

If you consider dancing your therapy, like I do, you’ll need your dancing shoes to support your feet for hours on end.

Here are a few things to consider when picking your therapy (Latin dance) shoes:

Salsa shoe buying steps

1. Figure out what you want the shoes for

Practice shoes are best for classes. If you wear flat shoes when you social dance then pick practice shoes which are flat. If you dance in high heels it’s best to practice in high-heels as your balance, spins and movements are difference from flats to high heels.

Social dancing
Comfort, comfort, comfort. If you’re like me, you’ll be dancing for hours getting lost in the music.

Performance shoes
Performance dancing is all about those perfect lines and pointing your toes! The bottom of the shoes needs to be flexible to allow your toes to extend into a point.

2. Style

This is completely up to you! There are many choices available. If you’ve got thin tall legs you can wear straps around the ankle. If you’ve got shorty legs like me, X-strap (arch) help provides the illusion your legs are longer. You’re welcome ;-p

Types of Salsa Straps

3. Fit

You want the shoes to fit snuggly on your foot and have a lot of cushion.
There is also dance shoe orthotics you can purchase for greater comfort and to take care of your feet, legs etc

5. Heel Size

Ballroom Latin Heels


There are different types of heels available. Go shorter if you’re starting out or don’t usually dance in high heels.

International Dance Shoes has a great article explaining heel types.

6. Budget: figure out what you can afford!

Latin shoes range in price from approx $40 up to $150+ (Whowza!!)


  • You can buy shoes online for under $50. This does come with some risk as you won’t’ be able to try on the shoes and the sizing is difficult to get right.
  • If you’re looking for social or practice dance shoes, check out the sales!
  • If you order from overseas remember to check the delivery costs and any shipping fees. Sometimes if you order over a specific amount you can get shipping free so rope your friends into buying some sexy salsa shoes!

7. Where to buy the shoes

In store- If you have a local store near-by or your dance school sells shoes, get your foot measured and the shoe fitting correctly from the start. Trust me, your feet will thank you!  

Congresses- There is usually a few suppliers at these events and it’s a great place to try on and see lots of shoes.


  • Always check the shipping conditions and prices!
  • Great place to pick up shoes at a discount or cheaper prices.
  • It’s not always reliable for shoe sizes or quality. A friend of mine buys two sizes then re-sells the pair that doesn’t fit at her local dance school.  

As the saying goes….

DrPhil quote

After you’ve got yourself some comfortable therapy/dancing shoes please let us know in the comments below where you bought them so we can help more people dance for hours!




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