First Salsa/Latin class? What do you wear? Let us help.

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Congratulations on taking another step towards your 1st Latin dance class.  That is fantastic!

I’m guessing if your reading this article you’ve asked yourself something like, ‘What do I wear to my first Salsa lesson?’ You’re not the first, so that’s why I’ve placed together a checklist. 

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If you’re a beginner figuring out if Salsa or Latin dancing is for you:

  • Any shoe with a sole you can swivel on and a strap/full cover on the front will do. You want shoes that your heels won’t slip out of.
  • The cheaper the shoe the better as they usually have very little grip. That means no runners as you could twist your ankle or injury your knee when turning.
  • You should be able to stand on the spot and move from side to side fluidly. Pretend you’re doing the ‘twist n shout’.

As you become more invested in the dance style then you’ll need to become more invested in your shoes.


Dancing is exercise so wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.

  • Yoga or sweat pants work.
  • Jeans are ok if you don’t sweat too much.
  • Try not to wear anything too loose as you don’t want to trap your partner in your clothing…. Or do you?

Ladies, tight skirts creep up while dancing especially for those women with a bootiiiie and you’ll be pulling your skirt down all the time- not worth it. Or is it? Nope, definitely a no to this question.


Try not to wear anything that dangles, is loose or sticks out.

  • Hairpieces– You’ll be turning and spinning so make sure they are securely placed in your hair. Having your hair piece fly into your partner’s face could be a little embarrassing.  
  • Earrings- keep them short and light! From experience, I can tell you having a heavy earning hit your face each time you spin is not fun!
  • Necklace– try not to wear them. They can get caught up in your or your partner’s clothing. Bracelets- keep this to a minimum and make sure they are well fitted.


Tip for the leaders/men: NEVER place your wallet or phone in your right front pocket! If the dance requires you to be in an intimate hold this is where your partner presses up against you. Trust me, it will save you that awkward conversation.


Extras to remember:

  • Water bottle- drink lots of water
  • Towel- to wipe off that sweat
  • Mints or Breath Fresheners
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Pen and paper- if you’re a note taker.

Have fun!!

Now you are prepared for your 1st Salsa/Latin dance lesson, relax and have fun!

When you’ve completed your 1st class we invite you to share any hints and tips that might help future dancers! Remember as Oprah says:


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