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Led by experienced teacher and life-long dancer Rebecca Pollard, Pivot Dance School offers dynamic and supportive dance classes for children, starting from 18 months of age, through to adults.


Located at 755 Queensway East, Unit 27, Pivot Dance School is one of Mississauga’s trusted dance schools for children. 

We have three beautiful studios and an extensive range of dance styles on offer for our young students. 

Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where each child feels valued, supported and confident to express themselves through movement. We want our students to leave every class feeling excited for the next one to come. 

Enrol your child and watch their journey as they develop their physical agility, grow their confidence, make new friends and light up the stage.

Studio Spaces
Weekly Classes



When we launched Pivot Dance School, it was with a goal to teach the art of dancing through entertainment and exploration. In addition, we are building an inclusive and friendly environment where dancers of all levels can connect and encourage each other as they achieve their dancing ambitions.


At Pivot Dance School, our mission is to grow and support a community of friendly and fun people who connect through dancing. We do this by providing personal attention and giving each student an opportunity to shine. 


At Pivot Dance School we believe in building confidence and skills in an environment where all students and teachers feel appreciated for their contributions to each lesson and to the wider school community.


The Pivot Dance School team of accredited and friendly dance instructors have a range of skills they share with our students.

Rebecca Pollard

Our dance program director has the biggest heart and most vibrant smile we have encountered here at Pivot! She is the foundation for all of us and ensures things run smoothly at Pivot. She has been dancing since she was 5 and teaching for over 16 years. Rebecca has been involved in all sorts of genres including Jazz, Contemporary, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Samba, Salsa and Bachata. She has toured around the world performing, competing and teaching Jazz, Salsa and Bachata in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Croatia, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Canada and the UK. Rebecca makes everyone in her class feel at ease with her laughter and fun personality.
FUN FACT – 2 are true and 1 is false – Can you figure it out?! Rebecca loves to drink coffee. Rebecca is an only child. Rebecca can dance Bollywood style!


This talented dance teacher enjoys a good adventure while going super fast on his motorcycle! He slows it down at Pivot to show our students how to dance with some of the best humour you could endure! Efren’s classes are a testament to his chill personality combined with his positivity and infectious laugh. Efren teaches at a pace that is comfortable for all and explains the dance moves in a way that any beginner could comprehend! He is passionate about helping his students reach their goals and takes the extra time to guide and encourage students when necessary! Efren has been deeply influenced by music, since listening to his father’s collection of Fania LPs, which further fueled his drive to interpret music through dance. Efren is a fantastic addition to the Pivot team as you will see when you meet him!
FUN FACT – 2 are true and 1 is false – Can you figure it out?! Efren is an interior decorator as well as a dance teacher. Efren was raised in Ecuador. Efren loves dogs and is a great dog trainer.


Shakil is a very passionate, down to earth, easy to talk to kind of guy. He ensures that each student in his class is enjoying their time and feeling successful in whatever he is teaching them. Shakil’s kind nature and fun spirit make him an approachable and fantastic teacher here at Pivot. While Shakil is skilled in salsa and kizomba, he has some very sexy skills and dance techniques when it comes to Bachata 😉 Shakil continues to train and learn to broaden his knowledge and deepen his understanding of the Latin World of Dancing.
FUN FACT – 2 are true and 1 is false – Can you figure it out?! Shakil started in the Latin Dance World near a decade ago. Shakil is a break dancer and performs in Toronto’s Underground Dance World. Shakil competes and performs nationally and internationally.


Vicken is known for his smooth yet defined lead on the dance floor. He’s been dancing since 2005 and attended international congresses around the world expanding on his love of Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Vicken brings his warm, kind nature with him to teach his dance classes, where he incorporates bright energy and fun dance techniques. He has a great genuine personality that shines through his interactions with the students. When you attend one of Vic’s classes, you will experience a truly amazing class where you learn, you belong and you are seen.
FUN FACT – 2 are true and 1 is false – Can you figure it out?! Vicken is of Armenian heritage. Vicken loves gardening when he is not dancing. Vicken teaches Cuban dance classes at Pivot.
Rachel Korting Dance Teacher/ Choreographer


Rachel joins our Pivot team bringing with her a friendly, positive attitude and a welcoming smile when greeting our students. Rachel’s interactions with our young students is fun loving while she uses her charm to capture their attention and teach focus, skill and technique in all of her dance classes. For 18 years, Rachel has been training as a dancer, choreographer, and instructor. Her dedication to the art of dance, inspired Rachel to move from Windsor to Toronto upon her acceptance into The Conteur Academy’s Professional Training Program. She trained there under the direction of Eryn Waltman. Rachel has since graduated with honours from the program, and is happily working with us at Pivot Dance School. We look forward to you meeting this wonderful teacher who is excited to teach and continue perfecting her gift of dance.
FUN FACT – 2 are true and 1 is false – Can you figure it out?!

Rachel has a birthmark that looks like a moose, her favourite food is bagels, she danced as a backup dancer in the movie Step-Up.

Shadia Khan

Admin Team
Shadia is a fun-loving, hard working, loyal and creative individual who found her happy place working at Pivot as a receptionist. Her warm greetings and wonderful smile allow all our students to instantly feel welcomed when they walk through our doors. She has put to use her incredible organizational, time management and creative skills while working here. Shadia’s attention to detail helps Pivot Dance School attain their motto and keep their students happy. We are excited for the journey ahead with Shadia as part of our Pivot team!
FUN FACT about Shadia- True or False:She loves cars and dreams of owning a Maserati one day!