7 Salsa Songs You Can Use For Your Wedding Dance

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Salsa can be fast, exciting, fun and romantic! It’s a great alternative to dancing a traditional Waltz or Foxtrot for your 1st dance together as a married couple. This is 1st time you’ll be learning to move with each other in your marriage so why not spice it up with some Latin dancing to Salsa music!

1. Jerry Rivera – Amores como el nuestro (Love like ours)

Is your love rare? This song speaks of a deep love that is rare today with words like:

‘Like Romeo and Juliet,
Our (thing) is something eternal
To be in love,
Is to give in one’s self totally
A love like ours,
Should never die’

2. Thinking out loud (Ed Sheeran Salsa remix)

Want a little salsa dancing flavor with your Ed Sheeran favourite? This is a great English track remix for a wedding dance with an upbeat tempo.

“I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day”

3. Marc Anthony – Tu Amor Me Hace Bien (Your love makes me feel good)

I hear this song a lot in the salsa scene. With words like;
“Good, your love makes me feel good
Your love disarms me
Oh, your love controls me
It sweetens me, I love it”
How could you not salsa dance to it? Ok, full disclosure, sometimes I enjoy sitting down listening to this beautiful salsa song with my glass of neat Rum.  Dancing or listening, I still get warm inside ;-p

4. DLG – La quiero a morir (I love her to death)

To commit ‘to death’ so it makes sense to ‘love her to death’. This song has a beautiful romantic rhythm.

“She knows every war, every wound, every being, you know well every war from life and from love as well”.

If she still knows everything about you and still loves you, then run down that aisle with her!

5. Celia Cruz – La Vida es un Carnaval  (Life is a carnival)

If you and your partner believe in singing away your troubles, this song from Celia Cruz (One of Latin’s greatest singers) will be a great fit for the rest of your married life.

‘Ay, there’s no need to cry, because life is a carnival,
It’s more beautiful to live singing.’

6. Marc Anthony – Valio la pena (It was worth it)

If you’d do anything to be with your partner, love of your life and best friend (hopefully they’re the same person!) this is the song for you.
“it was worth it, whatever was needed to be with you my love, you’re a blessing.
Hours and life by your side I hope, they are there to be lived, but your way,
thank goodness, because it was worth it”

Best line, ” “It was all worth it, being with you my love. Because you’re a blessing I don’t have a doubt for my devotion”.

7. Grup Nickhe- La Magia De Tus Besos- ‘The magic of your kisses’ (Works)

Does your partner give you magical kisses? My husband gives me kisses when he wants me to stop talking- they’re magical kisses right?  This is a nice slow and relaxed song for people who want a simple first dance.

‘The magic of your kisses
is my only treasure.
It’s what I love most.
I don’t want to lose you’



Let me know which Salsa song is your favourite in the comments below. Did you use a Salsa song for your wedding? If so, what was yours? If you’re not sure how to dance salsa, there are Salsa classes available everywhere. It’s a great date night for couples!

If you’re looking for a beautiful Bachata song you can use for your wedding dance please check out our other post, 10 Bachata Songs for your Wedding Dance.

Best of luck with your wedding dance.

[Full disclosure]: I am a wedding choreographer, www.rebeccamaywedding.com, who loves designing wedding dances to Latin Dance songs!


Yury Wu from Taste of Colombia and Efren Castillo (DJ Ef) who helped me pick and translate these Latin songs. Their deep passion for Salsa music was of great value.






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